World of Warcraft Classic Dungeon Walkthrough Images Guide

These maps used to be hosted at until the website crashed in April 2022.

Black Fathom Deeps
Blackrock Depths
Blackrock Mountain Entrance
Blackrock Spire Lower
Blackrock Spire Upper
Dire Maul East
Dire Maul Entrance
Dire Maul North
Dire Maul West
Gnomeregan Entrance
Gnomeregan (C/D card machine locations corrected)
Maraudon Entrance (minimap orientation)
Ragefire Chasm
Razorfen Downs
Razorfen Kraul
SM Armory Cathedral Entrance
SM Graveyard
SM Library
Shadowfang Keep
Sunken Temple Entrance
Sunken Temple
The Stockades
Wailing Caverns

Hunter Replacement Sounds

(Or for anyone teaming up with hunters.)

To install, unzip into your "...\World of Warcraft\_classic_era_\" or "...\World of Warcraft\_classic_\" folder. It should create a new "Sound" sub-folder where the game will search for replacement sound effect files. The built-in archiver included in your OS might force extraction into it's own sub-folder. You might have to correct that manually.

Muted Pet Screech: Hunter's Owl and Carrion have the "Screech" ability which is a piercing sound repeated every 5 seconds or so. This sound mod mute it completly.

Silenced Gun (WoW Interface): Many people don't use guns at all because the default sound is loud. This mod replace it with a quieter movie silenced gun version.


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